Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spring Stars Quilt

I bought the fabric for this quilt (with the exception of the white background fabric) as a quilt kit, but I didn't like the pattern. There was NO background fabric! It just didn't show off these great prints. They remind me of spring and should just be allowed to shine. The fabric is Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry. I just decided to add some background fabric and whipped up a bunch of stars. This is the first quilt I have finished that I made without using a pattern. Figuring out the math to make sure I had enough fabric was much harder than I thought! Kudos to all of those pattern designers out there! It's a lot of work!

I am thrilled with the way this quilt turned out! It currently resides in my family room on the quilt ladder so I can see it every day. I think it will eventually become my daughter's quilt as these are her favorite colors.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out all the fabulous quilts at the Blogger's Quilt Festival!


Thursday, June 27, 2013


Normally I don't share paper crafting projects because I don't do much of it. However, I am making an exception today because I love these little treat bags!

I picked up these little treat bags at a local scrapbook store. I only bought 24, but I probably should have picked up triple that many. I can see now that 24 isn't going to last me very long! They are fully lined with some kind of plastic so you can put whatever baked goods you want without worrying about the grease spots.

I have a confession. The Cricut machine I have been using is actually my sister's. I kidnapped it. She can have it back, just not right now.

Another reason I wanted to share this project today is the Independence Day cartridge is free to use in the Cricut Craft Room this week! All of the cutouts, except the star, are from the Independence Day cartridge. The star is from the Star Spangled Fun Layout, available in the Cricut Store.

I also used my favorite glitter spray, Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist in Ice, on the star and the firecracker. Unfortunately, you can't see the glitter since I used Instagram to take the picture. Note to self, don't use Instagram for sparkly stuff.

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Desert Candy

Do you ever read a blog that just sucks you in every time you read it?
There are a couple of blogs I really love, but most I read only if the topic interests me. However, there is this one food blog, that I just love. Desert Candy. It's written by Mercedes. I don't know her, but I know I would like her if we were ever to meet.
I think what sucks me in every time is her honesty and her obvious love of what she is writing about. It is a food blog, she mostly blogs about dishes that are not what I would consider mainstream. I have a tried a few of her recipes, and they really are delicious.
I hope you will take a minute and go visit Desert Candy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Finish ~ Bags ~ Can't have too many!

 For my daughter's 8th birthday (which was way back in January, and yes, this bag was done in January for her birthday, so were the pictures), I made her a new bag for church. She needed a new bag to hold her new set of scriptures, plus a notebook, pencils, water bottle (we live on the face of the sun), etc. I knew she would want something bright. She never likes dark or drab colors. And this is the bag I came up with. It's simple, but great for showing off some fun fabrics. The fabric is Cuzco by Kate Spain for Moda.

When I finished the bag, it needed a little something extra, so I found this flower from Thirty-one that I had. It matched perfectly! What are the odds!

 Easy to keep everything organized.

 I liked the bag so much, that I made myself one with these fun fabrics I had sitting on my shelf. Aren't they pretty?

Plenty of pockets for organizing smaller stuff, too.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Wreath

This wreath makes me happy every time I look at it. Every single time.
I made this wreath a couple of years ago, and just never got around to taking a picture. Big surprise. It always takes me a while to get a picture.
This wreath was really easy to make. And it matches the entry perfectly.
Paper is Blossom Song by DCWV. There is a tutorial on the DCWV blog.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Finish ~ Hexagon Chateau

This quilt has actually been done for several months, and I just took a picture. Yeah, I'm good at procrastinating.
Last August I went on the annual quilt retreat with my quilt group, and we, of course, went shopping while we were away. I loved the Chateau Rouge jelly roll (French General). So pretty! Well I wasn't going to get it until one of the ladies found this pattern, Hexagon Garden ~ Just one jelly roll pattern by the Quilt Room.
We sewed our strips and cut our triangles, and some of the ladies even got their tops assembled. I didn't get my top assembled until I got home. I quilted it (not well, I might add), sewed the binding on with my machine, and then stuck it in a bag. I wanted it ready to go for our annual drive to my parents for Thanksgiving. It gets cold driving north, and it's even worse since my husband insists on driving with the air conditioner on, even when we get to the point where there is snow on the ground. It helps him stay awake.
It was nice having a quilt to do the hand stitching on the binding while driving north with my family. I think that's the warmest I have ever been on that drive! It was nice! I will be doing that again, hopefully, every time we drive north.
I love this quilt so much, in spite of my lack of quilting skills, that it sits on the back of a chair in my living room. I made it for a chair in my bedroom, but it's not going to make it there for a while. :)

My husband just looked at this post and told me that I had far too much to say about a blanket. Here's what he thinks I should have said: "Here's my blanket. It's red and I took a picture of it laying on the grass. It's cute."
This guy makes me laugh!

Monday, February 25, 2013


At Glitter Academy, I won this darling bag! It was made by Kellyn of befrayed. You should check out her etsy shop. In addition to these darling bags, she has ties for little boys, including bow ties. Because, you know, bow ties are cool!
In addition to this darling bag, are the bracelets which you see still tied on to the bag on the left. They are so cute! I assure you, I will be wearing them regularly.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Glitter Academy Fun

lil luna button

Tonight I went to the Glitter Academy. It was so much fun! The food was good, the craft was frustrating (more on that later), and the company was great! I spent time with good friends, got to know other friends even better, and met some great new people. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures.


The Dessert Table, isn't it great?

The Glitter Academy was at Macayo's in Tempe. They did a good job hosting so many women. There were giveaways and contests and swag. Glittery swag, obviously. And a craft. 

The craft was to decorate our swag bags with Cricut's glitter iron on vinyl. It's a great concept, but the cutting machine did not cut all the way through the pink glitter iron on vinyl. It seemed to work just fine on the silver glitter iron on vinyl. It was very frustrating so I didn't even finish. My bag is still plain black. I would use the glitter iron on vinyl if my design was simple and I could use a pair of scissors. Clearly there is still work to be done in the product development department on glitter iron on vinyl.

Even though the craft was a bust, it was a great night out!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday ~ January 9, 2013

Wow! It has been a while since I posted. I have since finished two quilts. Start to finish. And, no, I haven't taken pictures yet. What's up with that? I'm usually super excited to take pictures of finished projects. 
The above little blocks are for Madeline, one of the many great Schnibbles patterns by Carrie Nelson. The top is actually all pieced together now, but not quilted yet. I have to say, I love the mini quilt! It's definitely good when you need a little instant gratification. Hopefully, I can get this little beauty quilted soon.