Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spring Stars Quilt

I bought the fabric for this quilt (with the exception of the white background fabric) as a quilt kit, but I didn't like the pattern. There was NO background fabric! It just didn't show off these great prints. They remind me of spring and should just be allowed to shine. The fabric is Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry. I just decided to add some background fabric and whipped up a bunch of stars. This is the first quilt I have finished that I made without using a pattern. Figuring out the math to make sure I had enough fabric was much harder than I thought! Kudos to all of those pattern designers out there! It's a lot of work!

I am thrilled with the way this quilt turned out! It currently resides in my family room on the quilt ladder so I can see it every day. I think it will eventually become my daughter's quilt as these are her favorite colors.

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