Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fabric & Retail

I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs and reading a debate via the comments about whether or not you should buy only fabric from local quilt shops or if it's OK to buy fabric from Walmart or Joann's.
I definitely think you should buy from your local quilt shop whenever you can. It's not because I'm a fabric snob. I firmly believe in supporting local independent retailers. One of my biggest complaints/disappointments when I travel the country is how everywhere looks the same. The local Macy's is just the same as the one in Manhattan. There is nothing special about going to the Macy's in Manhattan anymore. I think it's sad that America has become so homogenized. I like to support local fabric shops, bead shops, bakeries, restaurants, etc. whenever possible. Plus, do the large corporate chains really need more money?