Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Wreath

This wreath makes me happy every time I look at it. Every single time.
I made this wreath a couple of years ago, and just never got around to taking a picture. Big surprise. It always takes me a while to get a picture.
This wreath was really easy to make. And it matches the entry perfectly.
Paper is Blossom Song by DCWV. There is a tutorial on the DCWV blog.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Finish ~ Hexagon Chateau

This quilt has actually been done for several months, and I just took a picture. Yeah, I'm good at procrastinating.
Last August I went on the annual quilt retreat with my quilt group, and we, of course, went shopping while we were away. I loved the Chateau Rouge jelly roll (French General). So pretty! Well I wasn't going to get it until one of the ladies found this pattern, Hexagon Garden ~ Just one jelly roll pattern by the Quilt Room.
We sewed our strips and cut our triangles, and some of the ladies even got their tops assembled. I didn't get my top assembled until I got home. I quilted it (not well, I might add), sewed the binding on with my machine, and then stuck it in a bag. I wanted it ready to go for our annual drive to my parents for Thanksgiving. It gets cold driving north, and it's even worse since my husband insists on driving with the air conditioner on, even when we get to the point where there is snow on the ground. It helps him stay awake.
It was nice having a quilt to do the hand stitching on the binding while driving north with my family. I think that's the warmest I have ever been on that drive! It was nice! I will be doing that again, hopefully, every time we drive north.
I love this quilt so much, in spite of my lack of quilting skills, that it sits on the back of a chair in my living room. I made it for a chair in my bedroom, but it's not going to make it there for a while. :)

My husband just looked at this post and told me that I had far too much to say about a blanket. Here's what he thinks I should have said: "Here's my blanket. It's red and I took a picture of it laying on the grass. It's cute."
This guy makes me laugh!