Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last Minute Skirt & Headband

I think this skirt is adorable and will likely make this again in the future. The story behind why I made it, not so adorable. My husband was getting ready to go out of the country on business several weeks ago. I knew this. What I did not know, and what he did not tell me is that he would likely be seeing his cousin and her daughter while he was there. They live in a different country, thus, I didn't think he would be seeing them.
We had gone out shopping that day, for several hours and several different stores. 
At about 8:30pm, the kids were in bed, and he is packing his suitcase. My husband comes to me and says, "I am going to see M & A. Do we have any presents for A?" 
Me: "No. When I asked you about this a month ago, you said you weren't going to see her. Why didn't you mention this when we were shopping today?"
Husband: "Do you think you could make something for her before I leave in the morning?"

This is the result of digging through my fabric stash and pinterest. It's a good thing we have pinterest.

I know it isn't a great photo, but I didn't have the option of waiting for daylight to take a good photo. 
The fabric is Sultry by Basic Grey. I wish you could see the true colors of this fabric, so pretty. The skirt tutorial is from The Crafty Cupboard and is her Lovey-Dovey Skirt. This skirt was a breeze to make. I followed the tutorial exactly, no time to reinvent the wheel. The not fun part was fighting with my old-and-worn-out-machine.

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  1. Cute! That would have taken me days to make, so way to go on doing it in hours.