Monday, August 30, 2010

What to do when it's too quiet?

This is the first week of school. I don't like it. With my little-girl-who-isn't-so-little-anymore in Kindergarten, I have found myself counting down the hours until I can go pick her up. This also makes me realize, I like my house full of people and noise (even though the noise part makes me crazy sometimes). At least I have my new little man who will eventually start filling the house with noise and activity. But until then...

I have a few sewing projects I am working on. I am only going to show you one today. The others will make appearances as they are completed.

I am particularly pleased with this BOM I am doing. It's Tonga Nature by Wing and a Prayer Design. This is the first month and I waited to start my block because I was worried that it was way beyond my skill level. To my surprise, this block came together nicely. Future blocks may be more challenging. And the fabrics are bold, beautiful batiks.

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